Bringing the best local products to Saint Louis. 


We work with farmers and producers to bring the finest and freshest produce, meat, dairy and grains to Saint Louis chefs. Next-day deliveries are made Tuesday - Saturday, just give us a call or email us your order! 



Eat Here Saint Louis is committed to sourcing the best local products for our city. We believe that the best products are those that are grown locally, allowing them to ripen in the fields and not on a truck on the drive from Mexico or California.

Buying from local producers keeps more money in our local community. When you buy local, your money has four times the financial impact here than buying from a national distributor.

Buying local puts more money in our farmers' pockets as well. On average, farmer's receive less than 10 cents of every dollar spent on food. By having a market of dedicated chefs buying from them, farmers receive a more fair price for their high-quality crops and animals.

Whether you are a local chef or a local farmer, we want to hear from you.

Our Partners

So, what is local? We don't have a rigid radius that defines what local is, though we source nearly all of our products from within 150 miles. We believe that the farm should be within a short drive from St. Louis and we will always be transparent with our customers as to where each product originates.